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5 Raphael Street
London SW7 1010
+44 20 7584 1010 / +44 20 7584 5005

Lunch: Monday –Thursday 12pm-2:30pm; Friday 12pm-3pm; Saturday, Sunday & Bank Holidays 12:30pm-3:30pm
Dinner: Monday –Saturday 6pm-11pm; Sunday & Bank Holidays 6pm-10:30pm

Reservations can be made.

Price range: 50-60 pounds

Nearest tube stop:

Our next stop in London was Zuma. We were all excited about this because my sister said this was one of the best Japanese restaurants that she had ever tried. If I were to choose my favorite cuisine, it would definitely be Japanese!

We were only able to get a reservation for lunch since we were a big group. My sister and I passed by Zara first so by the time we got to the restaurant, my brothers had already ordered a handful of dishes. I’m not even posting all because there were too many! Here’s what we ordered (based on the pictures I have):     

  • gyuhire sumibiyaki karami sauce zuke - spicy beef tenderloin with sesame, red chilli and sweet soy
  • suzuki no shioyaki - salt grilled seabass with burnt tomato ginger relish
  • wagyu no sumibiyaki - wagyu beef served with tahoon aioli and ponzu dashi
  • maguro no tataki - seared tuna with chilli daikon and ponzu sauce
  • gyu no tataki - seared beef with soy ginger, lime and coriander
  • ika no kari kari age - crispy fried squid with green chilli and salt
  • zuma chirashi maki - mixed seafood selection with avocado, cucumber and shiso
  • ebi tempura
  • cold tofu
  • sashimi (not in the pics)

It is very difficult for me to choose what I liked the most because honestly, all the dishes were just too good. We even ordered a second round of everything! This restaurant is definitely a must try, however it is pricey if you are on a budget - but then again what’s not expensive in London? They do have branches in other countries and cities such as Hong Kong, Istanbul, Dubai, Miami, Bangkok and Beirut.

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