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Holly Brown
Shop 1026 1/F,
Elements, 1 Austin Road west,
Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon.
Tel: (852) 28561201 / (852) 28561202

I love Ice Cream and I always try anything new and interesting. This one is a hong kong brand ice cream that has the same concept of cold stone. They mix the toppings in a freezing cold stone. I personally don’t like Cold Stone Creamery ice cream because I find the ice cream too sweet. I got the coffee ice cream with caramel sauce and almonds. I liked the taste of the coffee ice cream itself.

If you are a coffee drinker, they’re also supposedly one of the coffee shops that ask if you want your beans upgraded to a better grade of beans and they serve a flat white coffee which not a lot of coffee shops do.

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East Hotel Hong Kong
29 Tai Koo Shing Rd, Hong Kong
+852 3968 3968

It was my first time to stay in this hotel for a business trip. Location is good if you’re ok to not be in the central area since there’s a mall beside it and the MTR is right under the hotel.

I just find it weird that being a business hotel, they tried to be a bit different. There is no bathroom door to the sink area but there are separate doors for the toilet and bath. Although the shower door is frosted glass, there is a part that is see thru in the middle of it so good thing there is a handle where you can put your towel to actually cover it. I guess it was ok with me since I was travelling with my brother but then I wonder how it actually is if you travel with an officemate who you’re not even close to.

Another weird thing about it is that there’s only one switch to the bathroom and the bedroom lights. Its not really a problem at night when you sleep and go to the bathroom in the middle of the night since there are night lights all over which you just have to switch on in your bedside. The weird thing is that if you do have a companion and one of you needs to shower first, there’s no other way but to turn on all the lights in the room so that you can have lights in the bathroom. In other words, if one person is awake, the other person will wake up as well.

So if you’re staying in this hotel make sure your roommate is someone you are close to otherwise, just get separate rooms for each other.

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East Hotel
29 Tai Koo Shing Rd,
Hong Kong
+852 3968 3968

I’ve always gone to the bar of this hotel but it was the first time i’ve actually stayed in the hotel. Will review the room in a different post but first I really loved the breakfast. It’s rare that you actually find healthy items for you to eat in breakfast buffets. Loved that they had fresh fruit juices that were mixed, a large selection of fruits, and yogurt with different toppings. Most hotels serve the yogurt alone and I usually have to make my own mix with cereal and raisins to make it tastier, this time I didn’t have to.

Besides the actual buffet, you can also order from their ala carte selection of breakfast dishes like eggs benedict, eggs royale, poached eggs and a lot more. Really enjoyed having breakfast here.

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Aqua Bar
29th and 30th Floor, 1 Peking Rd,
Hong Kong
+852 3427 2288

Friends of my niece invited us for drinks around the corner from Ah Yat Harbour View. It was a great bar that had top to bottom glass windows that gives you the view of the Hong Kong side skyline. Love restaurants with a view. Its my weakness. I’d pay more to have a view anytime, its always worth it.

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Cuisine Cuisine
3101-3107, Podium Level 3,
IFC Mall, Central, Hong Kong, (Central)
+852 2393 3933

A friend recommended this place to us since it was eat all you can dimsum for 250hkd. We were so excited to try it but when we got to the restaurant, they said that they only have eat all you can in the Kowloon branch in the Mira Hotel so we just ordered what was available, it seems their dimsum selection also isn’t as complete as the other branch.

I like the sweet and sour pork the best, it was tasteful and crunch at the same time. I love crunchy food and dislike soggy food. It was also served with strawberries instead of pineapples. I never fail to order sweet and sour pork as you can gauge the quality of the chinese restaurant with something as basic as this.

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Ah Yat Harbour View
29F, ISquare, 63 Nathan Road,
Hong Kong, China (Tsim Sha Tsui)
+852 2328 0983

A michelin star rated restaurant with the view of the hong kong skyline from the 29th floor is just great for a perfect dinner out. We were a group of 4, all of whom were all carnivores, so we ordered roast goose and peking duck. I thought the roast goose was much better than Yun Kee and the peking duck had a twist to it, despite the skin being very crispy they gave us red peppers to wrap with the peking duck, i wasn’t sure at first since I don’t like spicy food but this one wasn’t even spicy, it just gave it a certain “oomph” to it. Loved this place, will definitely be back.

p.s. make sure to reserve if you plan on eating there. 

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Under Bridge Spicy Crab
405 Lockhart Road, Wan Chai
Hong Kong, China
+852-2573 7698‎

I love crabs, its probably my favorite thing to eat. It was my first time to try this restaurant and its so good. The way they cook the crunchy garlic was the best. Make sure to order not spicy cos it was already spicy enough for me but if you really like it spicy i guess you can get the spicier one. This restaurant was already recommended by Anthony Bourdain and now its a place that I’d like to go to every time were in Hong kong.

Its a seafood restaurant so make sure you love seafood if you come here. My friend was allergic to shellfish so she had no choice but to order the pork, which was good too but then its really the seafood that is their specialty.

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