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187 Kensington High Street, 
London W8 6SH
(020) 7376 0115

Monday to Sunday
7.30am - 12am

Reservations can be made.

Price range: 15-25 pounds

There are other branches too. 

Nearest tube stop: 
South Kensington

When traveling, breakfast is one of my favorite meals. I always look for restaurants that serve breakfast food wherever I go. My nieces, who went to London the previous year, brought us to this restaurant that’s one tube stop away from our hotel. It is a very small quaint place that serves breakfast food all day then turns into a bar at night. 

My staple order for breakfast is Eggs Benedict but I usually replace the ham with salmon if I’m trying to be a bit healthier (as if!). I remember this one to be good but nothing really extraordinary. Since we were a lot, I  was able to try a little bit of everything from what the others ordered. I really liked the Corned Beef Hash since it was the chunky and crispy kind of corned beef mixed with potatoes. I went back a 2nd time just to have my own order of it. 

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